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My name is Amy Graham Goodman.  I am a Senior Lecturer in the Mathematics Department at Baylor University, where I have taught since 1999.  One of my favorite things about my job is collaborating with other faculty members to promote strategies that help Baylor students achieve successful learning outcomes.  Along with teaching for over two decades, I have experience: 
•    Designing and developing new courses,

•    Teaching online, flipped, and hybrid courses,
•    Authoring Open Educational Resources (OERs),
•    Coordinating coursework with other departments,
•    Mentoring new faculty and graduate students,
•    Chairing and serving on university committees,
•    Cultivating relationships across the STEM disciplines at Baylor, 
•    Researching student learning, and 
•    Applying learning analytics to data from online/hybrid courses.  


This combination of skills has led me to think critically about how undergraduates engage content in any STEM course, how faculty can support that learning, and how universities can help both students and faculty evolve with the changing needs of the future.  Working together, we can thoughtfully craft educational experiences that students (and faculty) will find memorable, impactful, and meaningful.

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