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Instructional design in higher education has been the focus of my creative work.  Specifically, I enjoy designing dynamic courses in the Canvas LMS.

At Baylor University, we use Canvas as our Learning Management System (LMS).  Since beginning my Ph.D. in Learning Technologies, I have given all of my Canvas courses a complete overhaul.  Below are a few screenshots of my Calculus I course.  I redesigned it in 2019 and continued to evolve the design through the spring 2020 quarantine into a hybrid and fully asynchronous online course in fall 2020.  To explore this class in your web browser, you can request a temporary Canvas password from Baylor.  Use the form on my 'Contact Me' page to let me know you are interested.

- Albert Einstein -

“Creativity is intelligence having fun.”


Exemplar 1

In addition to redesigning my own Canvas classes, I have been helping my colleagues reimagine theirs.  In this example, I helped my fellow lecturer, Dr. Patricia Bahnsen, envision what flipping one unit of her Math 1301 class could look like.  [Yes - she deliberately presents Chapter 17 before Chapter 16.]

Exemplar 2

As another example, my colleague, Kathy Hutchison, mused that her Pre-Calculus students always seemed to struggle with the chapter on Trigonometry.  She wanted to experiment with flipping that chapter of content in order to provide more class time to discuss strategies and solutions.  Therefore, I created one example for her of what that chapter, flipped, might look like.

Exemplar 3
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